Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Belle's visit with 2MiniSchnauzers

I got to visit with the 2 cutest dogs in the world!! And picked up some good eating habits!

Brad goes to work

Raquel taught me some good lessons about life!

Bellie does Hawaii!!

Once in a lifetime trip. Thanks Flightobl!

Brad kicks up his heels

Craftysprinkles knew how to let a guy have a good time!

Brad's travels

Brad got to visit with Provincia


Bellie got to visit with Kathie.

Friday, May 29, 2009

How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm....

Leaving the mountains, what a view!!

Sin city! Whoo hoo!

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!


It's true what they say about the green ones!!

Taking a break from all the excitement, doing what a good little scrapbear should.

Old Town San Diego

The Naval Museum


See you on my next adventure!!

Brad vists Utah

After Brad's long trip he played a relaxing game of Hi Ho Cherrio with his new host.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lady Lake, Florida

Scatter knows how to show a girl a good time.*rolls eyes* Here we are going to the gastroenterologist.

Here I am signing in.

Oh no! What am I in for??!!

Holy crap! *I'm a punny girl* Get me outta here!

Me and my new BFF are going out on the town! I need a drink!

I'm sure looking forward to my next adventure. See you then.

Ocala Florida

They don't call my hostess Scatter for nothing. This is the spot she picked to park in. Good thing I was with her, I managed to flirt my way out of the ticket for her! In her defense it's not exactly eye level, unless you're a giraffe!

Ocala Florida

Belle and Jack visit the downtown square in Ocala Florida

Monday, May 4, 2009

Brad's vacation travel!!!

So, finally Icould try to upload some pics our dear friend Brad, We are having a blast together, too bad our time is about to expire but We'll remember this great experience for the rest of our life, He is such a good boy!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Belle and Brad arrive at their first destination!

Holly was so thoughtful, she sent the bears on their way with their safety in mind. Belle is in Florida, Brad is in Utah.

Here's Belle having a long awaited stretch.

Belle got to meet the gang here at my home, they were all waiting for a cookie, so more concentrated on me than each other.

After settling in she was ready for a nice long bath and a good nights sleep in a real bed, so she put on her jammies.

Today, a friend stopped by for tea.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sisters,,,,I have adopted our bears!!!!!!!

Now let me tell you that there MUST BE a shortage of bears needing adoption, because I went to several stores LOOKING to adopt bears and finding very very little,,,,,I wanted bears small enough to fit in padded envelopes or 2 day priority envelopes,,,I didn't want people to have to spend large amounts of money to mail them,,,,,or risk sending them UPS ground (which takes FOREVER) because they were large,,,,I wanted the beanie baby type,,,,,Oh, I found turtles and flamingos and SNAILS,,,,but bears?? NOPE!!!

I FINALLY located some bears last night at about 8pm!!! however,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,we're adopting multi-culturally!!!!!!yep, that's right,,,,,But I know this group is very multi-cultural, and would be fine with it,,,,sooooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,

We have one Chinese Bear (Panda) and one Australian Bear (Koala)!!!!

Yes Maams! We are now Multi-Cultural,,,,,,if we weren't already I will post pics in the afternoon today on when I have my son to help me (MY puter is broken and I don't know how to download on HIS puter!) And then maybe paula can help us download to the Blog!!!Now we have to think about names!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

TWO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!

The majority of the Sisterhood has chosen to adopt TWO bears! I will be going to the Bear Adoption Agency Thursday (if time permits) or Friday to pick out our bears! Please "bear" with me, as Thursday is a religious holiday!!!

As soon as I have our bears picked out, I will post pics! Does anyone have any suggestions for names? I know that Brad and Bellie seem to be the favorites, but if anyone has any other suggestions, we can certainly discuss them!

By this weekend, I should have the schedule worked out, and have the bear in the mail to the first recipient no later than Monday (I am shooting for Saturday, hopefully!)

Let's get ready to welcome our bears to the Sisterhood!


Just a reminder to the Sisterhood that voting on one bear or two ends later this afternoon! Make sure YOUR vote is recorded! Only 12 of us have voted, so make your choice, and head over to the voting booth and cast that ballot!

A pic of our traveling scrap bear !!!!

Hi everyone!!!I am so excited, I can't wait for this adveture to start.... I think we need to add a pic of our little Brad.. and sister Bellie???? Maybe a pic of them sitting over their "suitcase" or something like that. =) the thing is....I want to meet Brad and Bellie =)!!!!Holly post a pic please!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is one the loneliest number?

Click here to vote

Hey everyone! Will we will have 1 bear or 2

The adventures of the Traveling Scrap Bear

Hello all!

Here's the current schedule, including the date they arrived at their destinations:

Red=Visted and moved on

Green= Current Location

Gold= Waiting for a visit

Miss Belle:

Scatter Early-mid may 04-22-09
Tmgarren mid-late may 05-12-09
Flitobl mid-late June (by June 14 please)
Kitswpa early-mid July
Mother Goose mid-late July
Kathie early-mid aug
Melissadam mid- late August
Crafty Cindy early-mid sept
2Mini Schnauzers mid-late sept (by sep 17 please)
Gelidy Gelato early-mid Oct

Naf early-mid may 04-23-09
Raquellie mid-late May 05-11-09
Crafty Sprinkles early-mid June
Ladybing Tammy middish June (by June 24 please)
Provinca Mid-late July (by the time she gets it)
Mommy 2 four early-mid August
Fargomutt latish august by August 24 please)
Eltringham Mid-late September
DawninAZ-early-mid October
Janaquins early-mid November