Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

TWO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!

The majority of the Sisterhood has chosen to adopt TWO bears! I will be going to the Bear Adoption Agency Thursday (if time permits) or Friday to pick out our bears! Please "bear" with me, as Thursday is a religious holiday!!!

As soon as I have our bears picked out, I will post pics! Does anyone have any suggestions for names? I know that Brad and Bellie seem to be the favorites, but if anyone has any other suggestions, we can certainly discuss them!

By this weekend, I should have the schedule worked out, and have the bear in the mail to the first recipient no later than Monday (I am shooting for Saturday, hopefully!)

Let's get ready to welcome our bears to the Sisterhood!


  1. YAY!!!!!I'm so happy!!!I voted for 2 bears!!!;) I can't wait to meet them!!!

  2. Hi all! Can't wait to see the schedule so I can put my date with Bellie or Brad on my calendar!

  3. Thanks Holly, can't wait to meet Brad and Belle!

  4. Honestly, I am so glad we have two bears! CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! What a clever idea! This is going to be a fun year following our Brad's and Belle's adventures!