Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sisters,,,,I have adopted our bears!!!!!!!

Now let me tell you that there MUST BE a shortage of bears needing adoption, because I went to several stores LOOKING to adopt bears and finding very very little,,,,,I wanted bears small enough to fit in padded envelopes or 2 day priority envelopes,,,I didn't want people to have to spend large amounts of money to mail them,,,,,or risk sending them UPS ground (which takes FOREVER) because they were large,,,,I wanted the beanie baby type,,,,,Oh, I found turtles and flamingos and SNAILS,,,,but bears?? NOPE!!!

I FINALLY located some bears last night at about 8pm!!! however,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,we're adopting multi-culturally!!!!!!yep, that's right,,,,,But I know this group is very multi-cultural, and would be fine with it,,,,sooooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,

We have one Chinese Bear (Panda) and one Australian Bear (Koala)!!!!

Yes Maams! We are now Multi-Cultural,,,,,,if we weren't already I will post pics in the afternoon today on when I have my son to help me (MY puter is broken and I don't know how to download on HIS puter!) And then maybe paula can help us download to the Blog!!!Now we have to think about names!!!!!


  1. Awww!!I love both!!! I cant wait to see pics!!!

  2. My son has just informed me that I didn't adopt bears at all,,,,

    Neither the Panda NOR the Koala are ACTUALLY bears,,,,,

    So he says,,,,Don't I feel dumb???

  3. What?? How can't they be bears???Really???uhm!!!Really???Now I feel dumb too!!!

  4. Bears or not, I'm already attached to them. I'm making plans for when they visit me. I have some great things for them to do! We will have a great time!

  5. I am trying to be patient to see the photos of the Bears! In the meantime I found this neat site that is keeping me busy. Talk about some thing that can drain your printer ink! I typed in as my words BRAD and BELLIE Sisterhood of the Traveling Bears
    I am addicted!