Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is one the loneliest number?

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Hey everyone! Will we will have 1 bear or 2


  1. A big round of applause for Scatter for designing this wonderful Blog!!!! She did a fantastic job and it is MUCH appreciated!!

    Scatter ALSO designed the calendar that will be following our bear or bears!

    As soon as the voting is done, I will be heading to the "Bear Adoption Agency" to pick up our bear or bears!!!

    I know they look forward to seeing your homes, your communities, and the unique sights in your neck of the woods!

    Remember to BE CREATIVE! It needn't cost money to show your bear a good time!!!

    And of course, the entire group appreciates that everyone send on the bear as promised at the time promised! If a delay is inevitable, communication is ESSENTIAL!

  2. oops I already posted asking for a pic of our little friend!!!!I should read this one first!!!!but I am so excited!!!!!

  3. LOL, Naf,,,,,I promiseeeeeee to post their pics as soon as we adopt them!!!!